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I am so excited that I planted my garden this year! My mom was in town for a couple days and she helped me from start to finish, so that I made sure I did it right. I found a spot that the squirrels seem to not bother...I hope...on the side of the house.

We did a raised garden, due to the soil in Florida being so difficult to grow in.
I took step by step photos of us doing it. I am going to s
hare those steps with you so you can plant your garden today.

It only took us 1 day. We had a plan, got up early, went to Lowe's, bought our supplies, and actually planted the garden after 7pm when it got cooler outside.

nother thing that I was excited about, was the fact that almost everything we bought was on clearance, except the dirt and seeds. So, I ended up only spending $85.00. Once you have the area built you will not need to do this again. Just add dirt and plant new plants.
I am going to post for you the beginning pictures,
and then weekly updates to show you how it is doing. I hope this inspires you too grow your own garden. It is also a great way to get children involved in responsibility, and outdoor fun! If you have any questions or comments please write me I would love to hear from you!

Step By Step Raised Garden-
  1. Pick a spot in your yard that gets sun at least part of the day, gets water or accessible to water everyday, is away from squirrels if you live in Florida they can be brutal! ..............(I did mine on the side of the house. It gets sprinklers twice weekly and is next to a hose.)
  2. Decide how big you want your area to be. Make sure that you can reach the back of it by being on your knees all the way around without stepping in it. (My area is 16x2.5, it has the house as one side and the fence as one end.)
  3. Plan out what vegetables or plants you want. (I planted, Cucumbers, Green Beans, Carrots, Acorn & Spaghetti squash, Collards, Spinach, Hot peppers, Sweet Peppers, Romaine. I have 3 tomatoes in containers, and a container herb garden)
  4. Purchase either rocks or landscaping posts. You want it to be at least 4-6 inches tall. To make a square or rectangle. We used landscaping posts. Two tall and one on end. We nailed them together to make them secure. You want to do this so your dirt does not wash away.
  5. Once you have your layout of your garden area. Put down a landscape weed control paper, cloth or use Newspapers.See my post on how to use newspapers for weed control.
  6. Next you want to completely cover the area with a couple bags of regular Top Soil. (I used 4 bags of Top Soil at $1.99 each. Then on top of that put the good stuff. I used 2 large Bags of Miracle Grow Vegetable & Flowering soil. The extra money is worth it. It makes a difference in your soil.
  7. Figure out your layout. You want any type of vining plants to have stakes built like tee-pees. See my pictures on how I did this. You take 3 stakes (they were 6 for $1.00) Put into triangle then wrap any kind of string around top tight and tie. We planted our green beans and cucumbers side by side so they can use the same tee-pee. And to make it extra sturdy we connected the 2 tee-pees at top with a stake. You still plant these seeds the same in a straight line under the tee-pees all around them.
  8. For squash you want to create mounds. Put 3 seeds to a mound. Also, this goes for melons.
  9. Here is the order of my garden to give you an idea...cucumbers, beans, squash, carrots, sweet peppers, hot peppers, romaine, spinach, collards. The only plants I purchased were the cucumbers because they had them in the clearance bin. They were 3 ft tall with blooms for $2.00. Now that is a deal. But the rest are seeds.
  10. You want to take your finger and make a straight line and plant the seeds about 1 inch under the dirt then lightly cover them with hands.
  11. Make sure you water your plants when you finish to settle them all in.
  12. You want to water them everyday!

Good luck and let me know if you start your garden and I would love to see pictures :)


  1. Morgan,
    Great site and awesome garden post! My Morgan loves gardens, and I've tried a couple times at this house (once in pots around the pool, and once on the side of the house), and both didn't last long. Your tips and pictures have inspired me :)

  2. Morgan,
    Great site and awesome garden post! My Morgan loves gardens, and we have tried a couple times at this house with no success (once in pots around the pool area, and once on the side of the house). Your tips and pictures have inspired me to try it again :)


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