Welcome New Contributing Writer - Susan Williams

Susan Williams
I use a lot of sayings in my life. People close to me know what I mean when I say 
"Yum Tam," "Feed the birds," "Good Fruit," or "It all comes out in the wash." Some of these phrases I’ve come up with on my own and others, mainly my Mom, shared words that inspired me to see the world and people differently as I grew up with very little and witness to a lot of heartache.

My Mom always told me that all you really need in life is "One good friend" and you can make it through anything. Well I’ve been blessed to find a few "One good friends" in my life, one being Susan Williams. She has been in my life for almost 16 years and we have grown together through our children, marriages, divorce, and work, but mostly through our honest, unconditional love and friendship with one another. She has been there for me and I for her, through thick and thin. 

I am pleased to announce that Susan Williams will collaborate with me here at MyDailyDish.com and act as contributing writer, as I have returned full time to the workforce. Together, we’re still tackling budgets, time management and healthy living for our families, and will continue to share insight at MyDailyDish.com 

I’m looking forward as always; Susan and myself invite your continued feedback. 

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