The Last Mop you will EVER need!!!

About a year ago, I was at my friend Megan's house visiting. She has beautiful wood and tile floors throughout her house, and they looked nothing short of amazing! Spotless! Don't let me fail to mention she has 3 children, all home schooled, and all young. So needless to say they are home all the time...yet the floors looked perfectly clean!

So, I had to ask her what product did she use on her floors? There were no smudge marks, filmy haze, foot prints...I was amazed! I was even more amazed to find out it was a simple mop! The HAAN and that it takes NO floor cleaners. So it is also green and organic.

I was impressed that she was so excited to show it to me. It was so lightweight, and took nothing but water to clean with. Then I hesitated to find out how much this mop could be. It had to be around $300.00 at least. I was even more excited when she told me it cost about $100.00. You will save that in floor cleaners in 1 year for sure!

She told me that she loved it! She said there was no more waiting for the floors to dry, keeping the kids off the floors. It steam sterilizes as it cleans, so it is dry within 1 minute. You just sweep the floors like you would before you mop. Then it comes with 2 micro pads, that are washable, and you just add one cup of water, a pad, and off you go.

I was SOLD! I have asked for it for almost a year. And yes, I got it for Christmas. My husbands friends laughed at him when he told them he bought me a mop for Christmas. But, that is what I wanted!

I am not much of a gadget person, so I was a little nervous that I was going to get it and it would not be what I had waited for, and been excited about all this time. Well, this week I got to use it and it did not fail to impress me.

I am 9 months pregnant and had no problem mopping the entire house....wood, tile, and slate in about 20 minutes. I had to fill the water up 2 times. It was perfect height, no bending required, and it was so light it did not require much effort.

I looked around and the best price I found was $89.95 with free shipping and that includes the 2 micro pads.

I had to share with you about this mop. Thank you Megan for sharing it with me! I hope this helps ease your life a little like it has mine. I would love to hear from you. Enjoy!!


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