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I had a friend this week that set up an incredible gift for myself and my family

through a website that I had to share with everyone! It is called TakeThemaMeal.com. It is such a great idea...and best of all it is a free service just to help you organize meals to be brought to someones home during a time of need.

For myself I am having a baby, and have a 2yr old at home, so any help is very much appreciated! When you come home there is always friends and family that are gracious enough to help out with bringing you meals for you and your family. This is strictly a service that organizes the food being brought over, so that you not only don't have everyone come on the same day. But, also people can see what other people are bringing you so that you don't have the same thing for a week.

I am SO impressed with this simple website. It is great for anyone who has had surgery, elderly, a death in the family, or like myself a baby. It is such a nice and simple gesture to set up for someone that is going to be in need of help. It is also a great service for an out of town friend. You can even send them take out delivered to their door such as pizza :)

If you have a site that you want to share I would love to hear from you! Thank you Heather for doing this for my family! It is a gesture that I am looking forward to using for others in their time of need!


  1. I'm so glad the web site is helping you during this transition time for your family. Also, I appreciate your kinds words about the web site. We want the web site to be as easy to use as possible, so I'm glad to read you thought it was simple.

    Soon, you will see your two little ones interacting with each other. It's wonderful. I still remember where I was when my two oldest children giggled together for the first time.

    Thank you again for spreading the word about TakeThemAMeal.com!

    Adina Bailey


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