Make Ahead Plan for Stress Free Dinners & Parties

There is no reason for a cook to be in the kitchen all day for a party they are
throwing or for holiday dinners you are hosting! Most dishes and appetizers can be made ahead and even spread out over a couple days. So the work becomes minimal to throw a fabulous event!

I read this great article from Lifehacker on this subject that got my mind turning. This rule does not just apply for the holidays but really any type of function. There is no need to be stressed out cooking as you have guests arrive for your special event. You should enjoy it with them!

Here are a couple tips to throwing a successful stress free party:

  • Make out a meal, dessert, and appetizer plan
  • Make a grocery list
  • Make a plan of what needs to be cooked and what just needs to be mixed and put together
Lay out a schedule for 3-4 days ahead of what can be prepared and placed into refrigerator:
  • 3 days before: Appetizers: Dips, Cheese Balls, Veggie Tray, Cheese Tray
  • 2 Days before: Bake Pies make deserts
  • 1 day before: Make potatoes, veggies prepared, casserole, Cook Turkey or ham.
Make a day of event plan:
  • What needs to be set out as people arrive: Appetizers-set out that are pre-made just add add crackers and chips
  • What needs to be cooked: Bake bread that is already risen
  • What needs to be warmed up: Have oven preheated and put all items in oven that are already cooked. Then you just have to pull them out and place on the table.
Note: The day of a holiday, have ready made freezer yeast rolls, that you have risen the night before ready to go in the oven. As people arrive place the rolls in the oven and the house will smell of bread baking and delicious!

I would love to hear your comments and suggestions! Enjoy your holiday events and parties!


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