I have been sharing this with everyone since I got I thought I would write about it! If you are someone who needs to track your sleep, steps you take, calories you burn, food and water intake and MORE...the Fitbit is for you!!

This was actually ordered for me for Christmas last year. It has been on pre-order this entire time. They just released the first round of them and you can pre-order to get yours in January. My husband actually ordered it for me as a high tech pedometer, when I was walking 5 miles every morning. Now that I have it, things have changed in my life a a pregnancy but it is helping me to track things like my sleep patterns and water intake.

It also has settings for pregnant women and nursing mothers, so it will adjust accordingly.

You never have to load any information into the computer, you just walk near your computer, and it automatically connects and loads in your data as you go! It even tracks and graphs your type of energy you have used through out the day and what time etc.

The technology is built around the 3D motion sensor technology like found in the Wii. Once we got it, and I saw how impressive it is, I was shocked to find out it is only $99! And it is so small that it looks like a money clip.

I hope this helps you, like it has myself, on my journey of better health for myself and my family...keeping in mind that lack of sleep makes a grumpy Mom LOL :)

I would love to hear from you!


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