30+ Ways to Outsmart the Flu!

With flu season here, and so many people nervous about the H1N1 virus, I found

this great article in Parenting.com that I had to share!

We have been on a semi-vacation the past 2weeks. With a toddler and pregnancy in tote, there are always precautions that you take this time of year. The weather change is one, but germs are another.

Sometimes, no matter what you do in trying to prevent, your family still gets sick! It helps to have some ideas in your back pocket in theses situations for prevention, and knowing what you are facing when the time comes and the nose starts running, especially when traveling!

There is a lot of controversy right now in regards to getting the vaccine for H1N1 for your family. I felt this was a great article, that gives you some great tips to go by, in help preventing your family from getting sick weather you choose to get the vaccine or not.

From what we eat, like foods rich in Vitamin D to Probiotics, to the things that we forget to sanitize or clean. Also, it gives some great tips on the differences between colds, the flu, and when it is dangerous and contagious. And how to soothe the cold and survive.

I hope everyone is well in this season! I would love to hear from you :)


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