Freezing Yogurt Cups

They sell what they call freezable yogurt, when actually ANY yogurt is freezable! They just want to charge more for it!

My father-in-law does this for a treat for the kids. They think it is ice cream, when actually it is just yogurt. If you look for sales you can usually get them for less money then ice cream, and they are a healthier alternative!

I saw it in an article in Parents magazine this month where they poke Popsicle sticks through the foil top. It works great. You can get a big bag of sticks at any craft supply store. I didn't have any so I poked some old plastic baby spoons through the top and it worked great also.

When they are frozen just peel back the foil, run the cup under warm water and it slides right out like a Popsicle. It will be a hit! I would love to hear your tips. Enjoy!


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