Fall Cleaning Tips

If you are like myself, and have a toddler running around, I like to do a spring
clean and a fall clean. But, I like to make it as efficient as possible too!

My toddler is starting to talk, and says the most truthful things now, such as the other day, she pointed to the light globe and said "Bees mommy, Bees." Every bug she sees, she thinks it is a bee. Well, yes the light globe was full of dead bugs! I was so happy that my toddler pointed the dead bugs in the light out to me :) I guess it is time for my fall clean!

I just shared a couple of these tips with a friend and she loved them so I thought I would share them with you:

  • Put your light fixture globes and covers in the dishwasher. They come out sparkly clean and dry. I do this at the beginning of my clean, so they are done and ready to put back up, when I am done with the house.
  • The most important step to cleaning your house for a fall or spring clean is to NOT get overwhelmed. Make a plan and take it step by step. You will be surprised that it does not take that long when you do this. If you get distracted, it will take forever, and that can be frustrating!
  • Fill your bathtub up with soapy water. Take any silk plants and swish them around in the bathwater. This also works great for lampshades. Just make sure the water is clean when you dip the lampshades. Lay the plants and shades out in the driveway or patio to dry. If you have a pool, swish them around in the pool that works great too!
  • The pool works great to clean your window screens also. Just give them a couple of dunks in the pool, and shake them out.
  • Dip your blinds in the bathtub or pool also. You have to do them one at a time. Put them in the open position. And keep them upright so they don't get tangled. Dunk them a few times. It works great!
  • Clean your vents with a stiff broom instead of a cloth.
  • When cleaning out your refrigerator. Put all of the parts into the bathtub, in soapy water. It makes it much easier. Unless you have a HUGE kitchen sink! That has always been such a pain before I started doing it this way.
  • If time is a factor for a spring or fall clean. Set a schedule. It does not have to all be done in one day. Break it up over a one or two week period. Do one room a night. Just stick to that one room and clean! Do floors, drawers, windows, closet, under beds etc. When I do it this way it also gives me a chance to go ahead and clean out all cabinets and closets for charity or a yard sale. Check out my tips on how to have a successful yard sale!
Take your time, try and have fun, focus on the end result, and when you are done you will feel renewed!

I would love to hear from you and any of your cleaning tips or comments to share! Happy Cleaning!


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