Farmers Almanac

I have always thought that planting a garden by the Farmers Almanac was an old wives tale. Unfortunately, I have learned the hard way, that it is not! There is more to the science then meets the eye when it comes to gardening.

As you know, I planted a garden, and was giving updated pictures on my blog as it grew. Well, that is all it did was grow and grow, lots of plants, but it never produced much of anything when it came to the vegetables growing. I did get a few things out of it but not what it should have. My herbs did great and still are doing great. But, the veggies are a no go.

I talked to my husbands Aunt and Uncle, who have lots of flourishing plants, growing lots of vegetables, and this is what they told me; I planted at the wrong time, you have to plant according to the Farmers Almanac. I also talked to others that have told me the same thing and swear by the almanac!

So, I ripped out the garden and will plant again this time by the Farmers Almanac dates for sure!

I thought I would pass along this little helpful advice that I received, hoping to prevent you from making the mistake I made. Enjoy!


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