Crockpot Chicken & Broccoli

I am all about quick and easy. If you like Chicken and Broccoli, this is a dish for you! So simple, less then 5 minutes to prepare, and dinner ready when you get home from work.

I don't put cheese soup in mine, but you can add a can of broccoli and cheese soup. Get the low sodium version if you do, and omit 1 can of the cream of soup, for every can of broccoli and cheese soup.

I like to add, if I have them, 8oz of sliced mushrooms but this is optional.

If you use fresh chicken, instead of frozen, cut your cook time by at least 1hr. I like to use a fresh head of broccoli, but you can use 2 bags or boxes of frozen broccoli and it works great. Just make sure you get the whole pieces, not cut pieces. Usually they have the whole in the frozen boxes or larger bags.

I serve over whole wheat egg noodles or brown rice. You can also do squash for a low carb version.

I would love to hear from you. Enjoy!

Total Servings: 6 Total Cost: $6.75

2 lbs Chicken Breasts or Tenders Frozen

1 Head of Fresh Broccoli or 2 small bags of Frozen Broccoli

1 Can of Low Sodium Cream of Chicken Soup

2 Cans of Low Sodium Cream of Broccoli Soup

1/2 tsp of Chopped Garlic or Garlic Powder

1/2 tsp of Black Pepper

1/2 tsp Salt
8oz of Sliced Mushrooms-Optional

  • Wash broccoli and cut into pieces
  • Put all ingredients into crock pot, except chicken
  • Stir well
  • Add chicken and submerge in sauce
  • Cook on high 4-5 hrs low 6-8 hrs
  • Serve over brown rice, egg noodles, or squash


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