Oven Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries are a nice alternative to regular french fries. They are packed
full of fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants.

Most people think that you need all kinds of unhealthy additives to make sweet potatoes like sugar, butter, and marshmallows. When actually the sweet potato itself is sweet enough.

Your kids will love these and love to help make them too. I like to cut mine into long skinny squares instead of wedges. I find they get crispier this way. But, don't make them too skinny they will burn.

I would love to hear from you and comments of suggestions. Enjoy!

Total Servings: 6-8 Total Cost: $2.00

4 Sweet Potatoes
1/4 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 tsp of Kosher Salt
1 tsp of Crushed Black Pepper
2 tsp of Finely Chopped dried or fresh Rosemary-Optional

2 tsp of Parmesan - Optionsl

*For a little kick you can add 1/4 tsp of Cayenne Pepper

  • Preheat oven to 425°
  • Wash potatoes and peel them
  • Dry them really well
  • Cut the potatoes into long squares, but not too thin they will burn
  • In a large Ziploc bag place all of your cut up potatoes
  • Pour in your olive oil
  • Put in your spices
  • Close bag and shake really well coating all of the potatoes
  • Place the potatoes in a single layer onto a nonstick cookie sheet or stone
  • Try to not have them touching use 2 pans if necessary
  • Bake for approximately 30 minutes until crispy and brown
  • If not crispy yet bake another 5-10minutes
  • Serve immediately


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