Homemade Popsicles

Summer is here and what better way to cool you off then a Popsicle! When I was little my mom use to

make Homemade Popsicles. She use to just pour Orange juice in them and freeze them...that simple!

Tupperware parties were huge back then, so she had their brand of Popsicle makers. Now you can get Popsicle makers at virtually any store. I bought mine at ikea a pack of 6 for $1.00. I just saw them this week at Target for $1.29 for a pack of 6 in the summer section.

There is no limit to what you can put in a Homemade Popsicle. They are so much healthier then anything you can buy, because you know what is in it, and your kids will love to help you make them.

They are also a great way to use any leftover fruit so it does not go to waste. You can even use leftover watermelon and the juice. Try using chunks of fruit like raspberries, fresh mint, with a little lemonade, don't blend in blender just stir and pour. YUM! If you like yogurt Popsicles, just add fruit, yogurt, milk, or soy milk.

I had some frozen strawberries and banana in my freezer already, so I blended them frozen. There are really no rules.

Popsicles are not just great for kids adults love them too! I would love to hear from you any comments or concoctions you create for your Popsicle. So, please share. Enjoy!

Total Servings 6 Total Cost: $.75

3/4 Cup Water
1 Banana
3/4 Cup Strawberries
  • Peel banana and wash strawberries
  • In a blender combine all ingredients
  • Blend until completely mixed
  • Pour into Popsicle holders
  • Freeze 4-6 hours


  1. Your yogurt popsicles sound so yummy! I always have leftover bananas and a girl can only eat so much banana bread. I am definitely trying these next :)


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