Healthy Leftover Quesadillas

I was not sure if I should give you a recipe for Quesadillas...or leave it open for you to explore all kinds of ingredients. I decided to leave it open. I make these whenever I have leftover meat of almost any kind, lunch meat, or just a can of tuna.

The miss-conception with Quesadillas, is that it is only for a Mexican dish, and that is not true. In Spanish it just means, a toasted tortilla with cheese inside. You can virtually put anything inside. These are great for Toddlers. You can fill them up with all kinds of healthy ingredients and vegetables, and they love to hold it and chew.

It is a healthier choice than bread, and use multi grain or whole wheat wraps to add some extra valuable fiber, vitamins, and Omega 3. Why choose a white flour tortilla with no added nutritional value. Your family will never know the difference. Also, if you use cheese use the new Kraft natural, no added hormones cheese, it is the same cost and way better for your family. Keep in mind when you add the cheese, you don't have to load it down, just sprinkle a little bit to hold it together.

I am going to give you some ideas of ingredients, but you can virtually put anything inside. Feel free to share your comments and creations for this recipe, we would love to hear from you. Listed below are the steps on how to make it, once you have it filled. Enjoy!

Cost Approximate per Quesadilla: $.50

Tuna Melt

1/4 Cup of Tuna-drained
Any kind of Cheese
Sliced Tomato
1 tsp Mayo
Sprinkle any herbs, like chopped rosemary, and sprinkle of black pepper

Roast Melt
Leftover shredded roast
Any kind of Cheese
Sliced Tomato
Juice from roast

Ham & Cheese
Sliced ham
Any kind of Cheese

Turkey & Brie
Sliced Turkey
Sliced Brie
1 tsp of All Fruit Jelly

Left over Chicken & Salsa
Shredded leftover chicken
Can add Extra Salsa
Option sliced avocado
Any kind of Cheese


Sliced turkey pepperoni
Sliced Tomato
Option-Sliced mushrooms
Sprinkle with Garlic powder and Basil

Spinach (can be fresh leaves or frozen pieces thawed and drained)
Sliced tomatoes
Sliced mushrooms
Any kind of cheese

Barbecue Pork or Chicken
Leftover Barbecued meat
Any kind of Cheese

Leftover meatballs sliced thin
Sprinkle Mozzarella

Leftover meatloaf sliced thin
Any kind of cheese

Fish or Shrimp
Leftover Shrimp or Fish
Sprinkle cheese
1 Tbsp of Salsa or hot sauce

Peanut Butter & Banana
2 Tbsp of Peanut Butter
Sliced banana
(Option-Sprinkle some raisins, or 1tsp of Sugar free applesauce or All Fruit spread)
  • Once you have your ingredients
  • Take a skillet, or a George Forman type grill
  • Spray skillet or griddle with Pam (I like Olive oil spray)
  • Take 1 Tortilla lay flat
  • Fill with ingredients on one side of tortilla only
  • Fold the tortilla over the toppings
  • If using a grill shut lid, and press down until cooked through
  • If using skillet, place something heavy on top to make it press flat, I use another small pan
  • Cook on one side until starts to brown, flip the tortilla and press down.
  • Cut into 3 triangles and serve (Can serve with sour cream, ranch, mustard or any sauce if you like)


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