Discount Vegetables at Farmers Market

As promised, I went to our local Farmers Market this weekend about 15 minutes before they closed. I asked the cashier if they had any discounted vegetables. She said that they just opened a store down the street and they take the vegetables there to sell that are leftover.

She did point out some discount ripened bananas, and one head of cauliflower. I bought the cauliflower for $1.00. But, not exactly the exciting discounts I was hoping for!

So, I would still suggest going to your local farmers market just before they close, and see what you can get for a discount. I think the only reason mine is not selling discount is because they now have a store. But, I am going to check out a few more in the area and see what I can find.

Let me know what you find at your local market. I would love to hear from you!


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