Chicken Broccoli Penne Pasta

This is a delicious, easy, and inexpensive dish. It does require a little bit of chopping but that is about it. My Toddler loves this recipe and it is full of nutrition.

My friend Kim suggested another way to make this dish is follow steps but then add a 1 jar of Alfredo sauce, pour into large casserole dish, add pour 8 oz of mozzarella cheese on top and bake until cheese is melted.

Let me know if you try this dish, I would love to hear from you any comments are appreciated. Enjoy!

Total Servings:6-8 Total Cost: $6.25

1 12oz box of Whole Wheat Penne or Bowtie Pasta
1lb Chicken Breast
1 Head of Broccoli
1 8oz Package of fresh Mushrooms
1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Cup of Low Sodium Chicken Broth
1 Tbsp chopped Garlic or Garlic Powder
1 tsp of Black Pepper
1 tsp Basil
1/3 Cup of Olive Oil
2 tsp of Lemon Juice
1/2 Cup of Parmesan Cheese
  • In large stock pot boil Penne according to directions, drain, and set aside
  • Slice mushrooms, Dice chicken, Red Pepper, and cut broccoli into pieces
  • In a large skillet combine oil, chicken, broccoli, Garlic, pepper, basil, and lemon juice
  • Cover & Cook until chicken is almost done and broccoli is getting tender
  • Then add Mushrooms, Red Bell Pepper, and Chicken broth simmer for 5 minutes
  • Pour all of contents into Pasta and mix well
  • Pour in Parmesan Cheese and toss


  1. I will be trying this real soon, but I will be pouring the Alfredo sauce over this dish and see how it comes out. I will try both ways actually. Thanks for all these recipes. I will be coming here often to make some food :)


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