Start your Compost today!

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I would write about something that many people have been asking about lately. How to start their compost?

It is a very easy process, and great for the ground and the environment. Just use these simple steps to start your compost:
  1. Place next to the sink, an old container of some kind. For myself I have a big plastic Folgers container with a lid and a handle.
  2. Anytime you are about to put something in the garbage disposal, such as, egg shells, fruit & vegetable peels, coffee grounds, loose tea, the list goes on and on (just not meat)...don't put it down the drain. Put it into the container.
  3. Once a week, I dump the contents of the container in an area in the yard that I have designated as my compost area.
  4. Then take a shovel, rotate it into the ground, make sure the earth is getting it and not the squirrels.
  5. Next time you want to plant anything in containers, or the ground, take some dirt from this area and use it. It is now full of nutrients.
You can use it for gardening of any kind, or not at all. You can do it just to simply give back to earth. I am giving you the easy process to composting. Some people like to build a bin and make it more advanced. This is not necessary, but it is something you can do on a larger scale.

Another idea, is anytime you boil eggs or vegetables. Use that water to water your plants, it is also full of nutrients. Just make sure and let it cool first. Try it and watch your flowers flourish.

I found a great website that goes into detail about the process of composting. It has a lot of great ideas and tips. It also goes into detail, about making a compost bin, if you really want to get into the process.

Enjoy the Earth! Make a decision today to start giving back! :)

I would love to hear from you! Please send me any thoughts, questions, or comments.


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