Don't throw away those apples!

If you find that something is about to go bad or expire, like bananas, strawberries, or any kind of fruit. Don't throw it away! I have a freezer bag, in the freezer, and when any fruit is about to go bad, I just throw it in the bag. Some fruits are better cut up such as apples, mango's, or melons. Because, when you use them later you want them to be in small chunks not a whole piece.

I also do this with my yogurt. If I know I won't use it before the date I throw it in the freezer. It is perfect to add to a smoothie or oatmeal.

Then when you want to make a smoothie, pancakes, bread, or oatmeal, don't add sugar just throw in some of the frozen fruit and it adds natural sweetener and fruit. This is great if you are making your own baby food!

No need to thaw the fruit. Whatever you are cooking will be enough heat. And a smoothie needs ice anyway. For the bananas, just run them under a little hot water and the peel will slide right off.

So don't waste that fruit...just use it later :)


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